PSYCH-K® & Basic Workshops

PSYCH-K® & Basic Workshops
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PSYCH-K® – One Way to Change Obvious & Hidden Limiting Beliefs

The PSYCH-K® process is simple, direct, and verifiable. It utilizes the mind/body interface of muscle testing (kinesiology) . . . It also makes use of left brain/right brain integration techniques to effect swift and long-lasting changes. In addition, PSYCH-K integrates Spirit into the change process, just as I have integrated Spirit into my understanding of Science. PSYCH-K accesses . . . “Superconscious” mind to make sure that the person’s stated goals are safe and appropriate. These built-in safeguards allow this system of personal change to be taught to anyone who is interested in taking charge of their lives by moving out of fear and into love.

PSYCH-K® Basic Workshops

Workshops are for a select FEW who “hear the call” and want to learn self-help processes to achieve those ‘elusive’ goals.  If YOU want to learn what your body, mind and spirit are telling you; you are a healing professional that wants to add PSYCH-K® to your “tool Box”, or you are a nurse or massage therapist looking for a new career in the Energy Psychology field for continuing education credits – This Workshop is for YOU!! Visit our website and Register Today for the 3-Day workshops offered in your area.


What makes this workshop ‘better’ than other offerings?

Hi all, I am a senior engineering leader and have worked in several fortune 100 companies in the past like Microsoft, Amazon and American Express to name a few. I have had the opportunity to have benefited from some of my companies in the past investing in executive coaching and trainings for me to help with growth moments and dealing with change. Nothing was as transformative or as immediate as attending Myra’s one workshop on Psych-k was. It helped address problems that I thought I had gotten over, which were deep rooted and were manifesting as health problems, by changing my belief system at subconscious level. I wish more people went with an open mind leveraged these immense possibilities. It is good for each of us individually and as a collective for this planet. Thank you Myra, I am so grateful for your help!        – B. Nuvvula, India


Why choose Myra from the other instructors who offer PSYCH-K?


Myra has been a nurse since 1980, a nurse practitioner with the dying and on her healing journey as a Spiritual Being. Teacher, Intuitive, Friend, Shaman.  All these titles are part of the journey into the lives of her participants and family.  Join Myra for one of her workshops or a retreat offered in your area.

Emilia shares her experience from the West Palm Beach Workshop.  Visit her website as well.



PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop –  Full 3-days!  The workshop starts at 9:00AM until 6:00PM with several hours of supervised PSYCH-K® Balances that YOUR Subconscious Mind chooses for you.



You WILL Balance REAL LIFE issues during these 3 days and your life is destined to change!

See how one session during the Workshop helped a Veteran with his symptoms of PTSD!!


Investment & Registration:

Registration for Basic workshops is $750 for all 3 Days*

PSYCH-K Facilitators who have taken the workshop previously, the first repeat investment is $250 (or $100/day if only attend one of the 3 days) and with attendance at subsequent Basic Workshops, a minimal charge of $25-$50 will be requested to cover food and cost of the venue.  If you would like to purchase the most current Basic Packet, please indicate that at registration and the fee is $90. * Note: Price Increase in 2019 – $800 for full 3 days with Repeat Facilitators attend for $300 all 3 days and replacement packets will be $100 each.

 See Schedule for dates to receive a discount for early registration).

Visit the Website for complete schedule, to register or sign up!!

PSYCH-K® Basic Workshops: 

November 8-10, 2018 in Costa Rica

Myra Lovvorn will be the instructor for this three day PSYCH-K Basic Workshop in Escazu Costa Rica!!

Contact Myra LovvornDenisse Osores – or Pedro Ulibarri if you are interested in attending or have questions.

Venue: Holiday Inn San Jose Escazu.

Register Today!

PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop:

December 7-9, 2018 in West Palm Beach, Florida

Venue Private home so details will be shared after registration.

Register before November 30th to save $100 off the Full Registration Fee.

Contact Myra Lovvorn or Susan Stone for details.


Basic Workshops in 2019

PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop:

January 19-21, 2019 in Tarpon Springs, Florida

Venue:  Details will be shared after registration.

Register before January 6th to save $100 off the Full Registration Fee.

Contact Myra Lovvorn or Judy Kane for details or if you have questions.


PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop:

February 21-23, 2019 in St. Augustine, Florida

Venue:  Holiday Inn Express, St. Augustine North.

Register before February 2nd to save $100 off the Full Registration Fee.

Contact Myra or Lynn Schumacher for details or if you have questions.



Basic Workshop Investment:

**Full Registration: $800.00 | Register Online (pay in full)

Register Online with at least $300 deposit before the Early Registration Date*

*Early Registration Discounts are available – See specific Workshop for cutoff dates.

** Multiple-participant discounts are available – contact Myra Lovvorn, Instructor for details.

Deposit:  $300 secures your place in the workshop before the cut-off date. You receive $100 off the full registration fee! For Buddy discounts or other payment options, contact Myra Lovvorn, Instructor directly.

Repeat Facilitator:  Fee is $125/day or $300 to repeat all 3 days of the workshop. Contact Myra for an invoice to repeat the workshop.  Also new PSYCH-K® Packets are $100 each so let us know when you register if you need a new packet.  (if you have repeated more than once in Previous Myra’s Basic, the cost is by donation ONLY to cover the space and refreshments.)

Download: Nursing CNE Disclosure Form

I AM In-Tu-It & Inner Journey Retreats

Experience modalities to support your journey.  These Retreats are designed to support YOU as you learn to LISTEN to what your environment is telling you.  By understanding how to communicate with YOUR Subconscious mind, You will hold the key to Health and Happiness. 

Visit the I AM In-Tu-It  Retreat website for more details Or Contact Myra Today. 


Divine Integration Retreat (DIR)

Divine Integration Retreat October 23-26, 2018 

We have a new site for the entire week starting October 20 at 4 PM till October 27 at 10AM. It sleeps 16 comfortably and . . .


Sign up Soon* for this Amazing Retreat to choose your favorite room.

Nags Head at the Outer Banks of North Carolina

Sign up Today!


* Participants are required to successfully complete the PSYCH-K Basic Workshop and the Advanced Integration Workshop prior to registering for the DIR.  See the PSYCH-K International Website for scheduled workshops.

Receive Continuing Education Credits for PSYCH-K Basic – Massage Therapists or Registered Nurses.

* 20 CNEs Approved for Basic Workshop for Registered Nurses. Download: Nursing CNE Disclosure Form

** CEs for Massage Therapists for 20 CEs Approved for Basic Workshop.

Cancellation Policy:  A $50 administrative fee will be deducted from the Workshop Investment if cancellation occurs within 48 hours of the start of the Workshop. We reserve the right to deduct $25.00 fee for any cancellation on reservations made using credit cards.   The remaining refund will be completed as soon as possible, however guaranteed within one week of the completion of the workshop. (Refunds may take up to 30 days to reach your financial institution).

Download: Nursing CNE Disclosure Form


Riverview Florida, January 2018

Arlington Virginia May 2018

About the Basic Workshop Experience

The Workshop is a Full three days with didactic information to support the science behind PSYCH-K. Within the workshop you will experience “REAL LIFE” Balances with your partners.  The day starts at 9:00 AM each day with gathering and sharing then we begin with experiential Balances so when you leave on the third day, you will be able to Self-Muscle test your own limiting beliefs and have all the skills you need (with amazing handouts written specifically for your subconscious mind) to be able to create the life your conscious mind sees.

At 6:00PM each day, you will wonder where the day has gone so know that there is ‘never a dull moment’!!

Here are some experiences from Workshop participants:

Would you recommend this activity to others? 

Absolutely. I feel EVERY nurse would grow tremendously by taking this workshop to provide deep healing for him/herself and provide needed self-care. It also would deeply help their patients/clients in their self healing at their core: their subconscious mind and spirit level. This is transformational work in every way! This workshop was very practical and applicable to my own personal growth process and in helping patients that I care for in the hospital.  I am able to use what I learned immediately in my daily life helping myself, my family, friends, and patients I serve. ~ M. Mazur, RN, BSN Detroit, MI


Was the workshop worth the cost?

A life changing course that proves every particle in the universe is connected.  Thank you for making the courses affordable.  Because they are worth So Much More.  The price reflects the honorable intentions of the course and its originators. (After Basic & Advanced Workshops) ~T. Daniels, North Carolina


West Palm Beach, Florida September 1-3, 2018

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