Who Is Myra?

Head On Photo April 2019

 Myra is a Registered Nurse since 1980 and has worked as a Nurse Practitioner for 25 years witnessing the dying in transition. Through working with the dying, she began her spiritual journey in Arizona getting in touch with the wisdom of Nature, recognizing messages, developing deep insight into areas to be revealed and released. Through further work with a Lakota-expereinced shaman, she learned to utilize energy psychology processes to support others to recognize and release issues like allergies, addiction, releasing attachments, release of emotions from traumatic events and soul retrieval with rapid and amazing results.

Myra is being lead to teach what she has learned through mentoring individuals in workshops and retreat settings, as a result of her own self-care. She practices the beautiful art of Jin Shin Jyutsu™ and teaches/facilitates and supports the energy psychology process of PSYCH-K®. 

Change occurs when you understand what your intuition is telling you. 

Recognize, Understand & Change!



Watch for publication of Myra’s new book “A Guide for Your Journey to Evolution: How to Recognize, Understand & Change Your Environment to Reach Your Destiny” to support your journey through the experience of three-dimensional life on the path to ‘Your version' of enlightenment!  


The Heart of Hospice: Core Compentencies for Reclaiming the Mystery - Brenda Clarkson & Myra L. Lovvorn. 

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