Understanding Your Journey

My Spiritual Journey began in the late 1990’s in the world of Hospice. Then after my work with Caroline Myss around loosing energy to my wounds, I realized my past was ‘killing me’! A visit with Lynch Archuletta, a Native American in Arizona City allowed me to experience lessons from the ancients through our desert journey and meeting ‘Other’s on this journey. This journey felt so familiar, opening the door to the spirit world, helping me know that the physical world in which I had practiced since 1980 as a nurse was not all there was in life. The spirit world began to really open up when my nursing practice led me to journey with over 700 people preparing to or physically dying. Through my search for things outside the third dimension, the word ‘shaman’ came to me through another nurse who was a shaman in the Huna tradition. As most true shamans I have met will tell you, that is a term that is used by those in the ‘tribe’ to refer to “one who sees” or “one who penetrates the source”. (from The Society of Shamanic Practice)

My first response to this Huna shaman was, NOT ME!! Recently others have asked me to ‘teach’ them what I know and this lead to the clearer understanding of my place in the ‘new shamanic practice’ for this fast-moving, light-worker environment we find outselves in. 

In my certification for teaching an energy psychology process, I was told “there is no such thing as evil or possession of a person by another entity”!  Well, that has proven to open my practice to another world with people needing to release “energies” from as far back as Atlantis. Unlike the shamans who journey with individuals for hours to retrieve lost soul parts, through using some newer processes, the person is able to journey into their ‘traumatic past’, using the subconscious and superconscious minds, and retrieve everything they need to heal and be whole. Through work with a healer who learned with the Lakota in the great NorthWest, I am able to support individuals to journey in as little as few minutes. 

This new wisdom is not for everyone and the traditional shamans continue to hold the wisdom from our ancestors. My journey is to be the messenger, networker, and LYTE-worker guiding individuals to find their inner healing. Through working with the dying, many were seeking healing and found it through death. This became the door to understand that holding the hands of the one who is seeking, is just that. Witnessing the journey and guiding when asked. No Judgment! Just remain compassionate! Trust the process of life in all dimensions.

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Yours through Compassion!

Shiny Eyes See Far

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