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Testimony From Someone who trusted the process at a basic workshop:

On May 9, 2016 a friend of 15 years tried to murder my daughter in my living room as I was within arms reach and a witness. My world began to break apart while also come together. I began the path of finding myself emotionally, spiritually, and physically. My daughter suffered a traumatic brain injury and I got to work tending to her, assisting her through graduating from high school, healing physically and fighting a court battle. This experience took a toll on me physically, I was diagnosed with a host of physical illnesses and experienced drastic weight gain. I began immediately with talk therapy and EMDR to get rid of the mental images. It took me two years in EMDR to clear the images fully yet I continued to stay stuck in the mental and emotional programming. I have a graduate degree in psychology, have worked for many years with mental health programs, and am a devout Buddhist, yet I could not unhinge mentally from this experience. I found Psych-K and prayed about attending for over a year. I went with the intention to lose weight. I assumed that EMDR had helped me put this behind me and I was strictly dealing with body issues. Each session the word safety would continue to arise. Until my subconscious stepped forward to reveal that I still was carrying intense fear. While EMDR had cleared the images, I had not begun to touch the emotions of the event. Once I finally identified my block and confided in Myra, she paired me with a compassionate woman who facilitated my releasing the fear. She sat next to me while I purged dramatically. Yet, when I came out I was still confused and haunted. I asked Myra how to clear more and Myra, through her experiences and wisdom realized I was dealing with an entity. Myra instructed my facilitator to ask my superconscious to release whatever it needed and superconscious responded! I had a dramatic exodus of whatever was attached. We then closed the portal by asking love to fill any spaces or voids, and I was able to feel immediately calm. Within 24 hours I was smiling and relaxed for the first time in decades, perhaps my lifetime. When I returned home, and without the knowledge of my attending Psych-K my talk therapist “released” me from care. He said when you first came to me you were frantically taking notes like fix me, fix me. Now you’re sitting across from me in yoga pants, relaxed, sipping water, and smiling. Go live your life. And so it is, with Myra’s assistance I am living, perhaps for the first time ever. Anonymous, May 2019