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Our ‘Life’s Purpose’ is to develop a Healthy, Self Worth/Self Esteem.  We journey in this life, writing our experiences on the Subconscious Mind comparing our lives to others, judging where we fit in the world!  Along the way, we have opportunities to realize we have everything we need and to begin our journey toward our Destiny.  Without realizing it, teachers and ‘others’ are placed in our path (we attracted them there by design) to support our journey to find our purpose.

Oprah shared on her Final show that of the 30,000 + interviews she conducted, ALL had a common theme:  Self-Worth!   She suggested the best we can offer each other is the Loving attention saying “I see you!  I hear you! and what you say matters to me!!”

If you are Ready, one of the Select FEW . . . and you are on the journey to your Destiny . . . 

You have come to the right place!!

PSYCH-K® is recommended by Bruce Lipton as the preferred Energy Psychology process available Today!! See  How Rob Williams and Bruce Lipton Met . . .

Visit for more details about this amazing process  . . .


Contact Myra Lovvorn when you are ready to change those beliefs you recorded from Conception until this Moment that have prevented acheiving your desired goals on your Journey.

Private Sessions are available and you can attend a PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop to learn this amazing self-empowering process in 3 SHORT Days!!! Financially, you will be ‘hard pressed’ to find any workshop that gives you the tools to take control of your life, access and change beliefs in your subconscious mind, and make your “Vision Board” a reality in 3 days.  You will leave the workshop with everything you need to change your life and receive the tools to work with others who are ready to change their limiting beliefs.

Register today for a PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop or a Retreat!!


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