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Private Sessions
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Private ‘WellBeing’ Sessions

Your customized private session will focus on your unique goals, desires, physical symptoms (including any medical ‘labels’ you have been given), and challenges in your life. Sessions can be done by phone, or via Skype, Zoom or FaceTime. Also, sessions can be done in person in your home or hospital room for a **small fee.

There a few things to consider before booking a private session.

Are you ready to take responsibility:

  • For your current life?
  • For any ‘Condition’ you have or have been ‘told’ you have?
  • To release your ‘dependence’ on the Labels you have been given? (Uncover secondary gain and release it)
  • For the Healing that is awaiting you?
  • To find the answers about ‘why’ you have chosen to live like you currently do?
  • To change, or NOT? Free Will allows for YOUR Choice!

About YOUR Session

Before We Schedule YOUR Personal Session . . .

Some references you might want to read or view.

Watch the YouTube video with Bruce Lipton – “Biology of Perception/ Psychology of Change”.  Amazing information about how beliefs effect your choices and your life!

Are you ready NOW to schedule Your Private Session?

Private Sessions

Sessions can be done by phone, or via Skype, Zoom or FaceTime. Sessions can be done in your home or hospital room for a **small fee.

Partner Intake Form  –  Documentation is for YOUR benefit to keep and evaluate your progress for your Conscious Mind, because your Subconscious Mind will not remember!!

You may download and complete the Partner Intake Form on your phone/Tablet/computer or print the form for your reference prior to the first session. This is optional.

This form will identify strengths in your life and help you identify areas you feel are in-congruent.  The form is for your reference and healing only.

Investment: From $100-$1500 for sessions.***

Initial Session is usually 60-90 minutes for $250. Subsequent sessions range from 45-55 minutes sessions are $200.

Session Prices

First Initial Session 90 min* …….. $250

Subsequent Session (~ hour*)…… $200

Intense Session 4 hours …………… $800

Complete Overhaul 8 hrs** …….. $1500 (Can be same day or divided into 2 sessions)

PSYCH-K® Facilitator Sessions (for those who have completed the PSYCH-K Basic Workshop): $100 per session to Balance personal challenges.

Mentoring support for PSYCH-K Facilitation with YOUR private partners will be arranged individually. Contact Myra for Pricing and Support.

Cancellations within 24 hours of appointment time or no-shows will be charged 50% of session price. (example:  first visit will be billed $125).

To Schedule YOUR Private Session

NOTE:  Sessions are scheduled for YOU only.  If someone you know ‘needs’ a session, THEY HAVE TO MAKE THEIR OWN APPOINTMENT. If they do not believe they need to change, nothing you can do will change that.

Make your changes and watch everyone else Change!!

*Session length is based on Partner (range from 60-90 minutes) Initial session includes education about PSYCH-K Process

**Fee is based on mileage to and from the place of the Session.  Minimal charge is $15.00 or $0.50 per mile for over 10 miles. Maximum distance is 50 miles from Richmond Virginia.

***  We accept direct payment for the exchange of healing that occurs. Insurance has chosen to pay for “Traditional Medical Care” only, so sessions will not be billed to third-party-payers, insurance or Medicare. Payment options are cash, check, or credit card through our PayPal account.  (Having a PayPal account is not required to use this option. We will send an invoice for payment. Payment plans are available)

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