Nurses Using Holistic Focus to Return Clients to Autonomy!

Mary Mazur, RN, BSN and Myra Lovvorn, RN, MSN are both PSYCH-K® instructors who see the opportunities for nurses to do more than just caring for physical symptoms. After years of just ‘following orders’, these nurses now have tools to impact the cause of illness and help nurses and their clients re-program old beliefs that have lead to illness and dis-ease and are ready to share this wisdom with True Holistic Nurses who want to make a difference for themselves, their clients, their community and their profession.  *Earn 20 CNEs for attending a 3-Day Basic Workshop.

WE had a GREAT time Presenting to the American Holistic Nurses in Tulsa OK!   Mary, Myra and Mara presented at the Annual Conference for the American Holistic Nurses Association in Tulsa Oklahoma in June 2nd, 2019! Over 400 Holistic Nurses attended the workshop this year.  Look for us again next year!!

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*Earn 20 CNEs by attending the 3-day PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop.  Contact Myra or Mary today to find out more or visit their websites for scheduled workshops in your area. 

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