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Bruce Lipton updated March 30, 2020

Bruce Lipton on COVID-19, Coronavirus Pandemic & Evolution

Bruce is able to give us the cellular information and why it is spreading quickly. He clears up misunderstanding about how the immune system is able to recognize it and 'a little more troublesome'. Fear causes stress however there are people who have infection and never know it to those who have a compromised immune system (chronic diseases and stress) may become critically ill and possibly die. Fear is the PROBLEM. Article that everyone was tested and found that 50% of population and never had the symptoms because of their strong immune system.


Channeled Info

Message from the Pleiadians

Energy Update - Turbulence - Environment - Satellite

Greetings My Beloved Masters of the Universe! Anna Merkaba just received an interesting message from the Pleiadians about what is happening now. Again please understand that we are simply in the midst of great changes, stay positive, stay in the NOW, and remember that you have been prepared well for this mission! I love you all! ❤ March 25, 2020


Up-to-the-Moment Info - MUST WATCH!!!

Gregg Braden responds to questions and as a Scientist, he clears up the information by helping us move away from the FEAR that is keeping us from being healthy!  Please follow Gregg and Watch below . . .

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Lee Harris April Energy Update

Tom Cowan Article "Feeling Small"

Tom Cowan Article "Feeling Small"


MAJOR AWAKENING ENERGY - LIFE REVIEW AND CONNECTIONS - ANCESTRAL ISSUES AND MEMORIES - DEEPENING SELF TRUST (vs trust in the outer world or your energy response to your family) - YOU are REORGANIZING - FEAR WILL CUT YOU OFF remember to stay PRESENT. - If feeling fear of the future, FOCUS ON THE SMALL TASKS.

GRATITUDE - We are SHAKING OFF old ways of being, feeling and DOING. - INNOVATION AND CREATIVITY is on the rise and will be especially so in May and beyond. - 

RISE OF THE HUMAN SPIRIT - There is MORE TO ALL OF THIS than meets the eye - bigger than a virus, and yes we will learn that in time.

Tom Cowan Article "Feeling Small"

Tom Cowan Article "Feeling Small"

Tom Cowan Article "Feeling Small"


Tom Cowan is a shamanic practitioner specializing in Celtic visionary and healing techniques. His Article "Feeling Small" is found on the Society for Shamanic Practice website gives us pause . . . to think and feel the despair. This is our journey, not to avoid, however to feel and move through to the teaching from the Universe. Enjoy and support this amazing website. Also look at Shamanism Without Borders!

Balance & Stay Centered by Being Informed

Zero Point - Balance - Center Point  - Return to the place of Balance and see the world from there. No emotion. Just balance! First we have to recognize we are off the center point, on either side. Every second we are sliding off, we run to the other side and then start sliding again. How do we just stand in the center and only look both ways, take in the info so we do not slide?!! Like the see-saw (‘teeter-totter’) we played on as kids, we had to have balance on each side so we could have fun. Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right, Here I AM . . .

Stuck in the Middle with YOU!!  Lets expose the Elephant!!

Info to Keep you Centered


Love vs. Fear

As I was reflecting in my private time and I realized our ‘beliefs’ are more important than we can ever know. The Virus that is spreading is being helped by ‘fear’!!  AND, my distain for those who are spreading this fear without offering the other side where there is a 'silver lining'. My distain was feeding the fear. This is two-edged sword.  I can think of no better place to be than in the company of a community who is changing beliefs to improve personal health and focus on LOVE!!  Love of Self and then others. Gather with your ‘peeps’ and hold LOVE for those who are not able to at this time. 

Coronavirus: Do Not Fear the Bogeyman

Here is an excerpt from Bruce Lipton’s Membership email 3/11/2020 - The world is currently gripped in fear of the scary coronavirus.  Let’s first get one fact clear: If you have ever had a cold or flu in your life, odds are that it was the result of a coronavirus infection. Yes, coronaviruses cause colds.

Communication from China

The Chinese now understand the behavior of the COVID-19 virus thanks to autopsies they have carried out. Read More and find out ways to be Healthy and Happy

Bruce's Recommendations

Many people who fall ill with the new COVID-19 disease will most likely experience mild, flu-like symptoms, fever, coughing and a sore throat, with over 80% of infected people having a mild to moderate illness that lasts about two weeks. The remaining 20% will have more severe symptoms that may need medical attention, but these symptoms can be relieved with proper treatment.

The media’s emphasis on the COVID-19 death statistics is a mathematical bias whose stressful forecast is itself responsible for weakening the public’s immune systems and aggravating the spread of disease. The biggest problem facing the public in this epidemic is not the rate of mortality, it is the overwhelming stress on doctors, nurses and the medical system which is not prepared to deal with a massive epidemic.

Is the COVID-19 epidemic to go on and on? The answer is clearly NO! As is evidenced by the almost complete cessation of new COVID-19 cases in China and South Korea, the epidemic will come to an end.  More of Bruce’s Suggested Best Practices:

Coronavirus Maddness!

March Update 

Coronavirus Maddness!

"We who are the conscious ones, who are well informed of both geopolitics and holistic medicine, are the best prepared to face the times that are ahead!  It is time to spread our wisdom to those who lack it.  Civilization follows predictable cycles, and although some may not survive this present episode, it is NOT the apocalypse, or the end of all life.  It is the end of the Cabal, and we are overdue for far better times ahead.  Stay Strong!"
-Dylan Louis Monroe

Dr. Joe Dispenza on how not to get the coronavirus.

Measuring immune systems and how to improve them.


More Info from Bruce

Bruce Lipton Newsletter 3/11/20

We are being programmed with the belief that this particular cold virus is “deadly.” This fear has shut down concerts, conferences, and major public events all over the world. The fear has led to quarantines and closing down of international travel. It has even led to a major scarcity of toilet paper in Australia, were concerned citizens emptied the shelves of this commodity in anticipation that they will be walled up in their homes with this infection.

First, how deadly is this version of the virus? Yes, there have been corona-related deaths reported with the statistics suggesting that ~2% of the infected population dies. Wow! That number is almost 1% more deaths than are attributed to any conventional flu the world experiences.  What is misleading is the fear that everyone who carries this virus may die from their cold. This is simply untrue! The health of almost all the victims of this coronavirus was already compromised before they were infected.

As presented in The Biology of Belief, stress is responsible for up to 90% of illness, including heart disease, cancer and diabetes. When an individual is in stress, the release of stress hormones (e.g., cortisol) shuts down the immune system to conserve the body’s energy for running away from the perceived stressor, that proverbial “saber-toothed tiger.” Stress hormones are so effective at compromising the immune system, that physicians therapeutically provide recipients of organ transplants with stress hormones to prevent their immune system from rejecting the foreign implant.

The conclusion is clear: The fear of the coronavirus is more deadly than the virus itself!

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YouTube from Bruce Lipton

Interview with Bruce Lipton about PSYCH-K®


Additional Information to Keep YOU Healthy

We Learned from Autopsy

The Chinese now understand the behavior of the Covid-19 virus thanks to autopsies they have carried out. This virus is characterized by obstructing respiratory pathways with thick mucous that solidifies and blocks airways and lungs. In order to apply a medicine you have to open and unblock these airways so that the treatment can be used to take effect. However, all of this takes a number of days.

Recommendations to safeguard yourself are:

  1. Drink lots of hot liquids - coffee, soups, tea, warm water; in addition take a sip of warm water every 20 minutes because this keeps your mouth moist and washes any of the virus that has entered your mouth into your stomach where the gastric juices can neutralize it before it gets into your lungs.
  2. Gargle with an antiseptic in warm water, like vinegar, or salt or lemon every day if possible.
  3. The virus attaches itself to hair and clothes, any detergent or soap kills it but you must take a bath or shower when you get home from the street. Avoid sitting down anywhere and go straight to the bathroom or shower. If you cannot wash clothes daily, hang in direct sunlight which also neutralized the virus.
  4. Wash metallic surfaces very carefully as the virus can remain viable up to 9 days. Take note and be vigilant about touching handrails and doorknobs, etc. Idea to keep those clean in your own house as well.
  5. Don’t Smoke
  6. Wash your hands every 20 minutes using any soap that foams for 20 seconds and wash thoroughly.
  7. Eat fruits and vegetables and elevate your Zinc levels, not just Vitamin C levels.
  8. Animals DO NOT spread the virus to people. It is person to person transmission.
  9. Try to avoid getting the common Flu, it weakens your system. Avoid eating and drinking COLD things.
  10. If you feel any discomfort in your throat or a sore throat coming, attack it immediately in the above measures (Note: below is another way to remove and neutralize the virus) the virus enters this way and remains about 3 days before passing into the lungs. 

From Our Elders’ Wisdom - To clear a sore throat: Mix equal parts apple cider vinegar with warm honey (best if from the area where you live). Take one tablespoon at least 4 times a day. This with the measures above can keep us safe and ‘secure’ in knowing we BELEIVE we are Happy and Healthy!!!


How to Be Healthy

Suggestions - How to Love Life and Avoid Infection

Bruce’s Suggested Best Practices:

To stay healthy there a few practices that will empower your immune system and lessen any COVID-19 symptoms.

  1. Maintain a healthy lifestyle: Eat nutritious natural, organic food; take vitamins and supplements, especially large doses of Vitamin C; wash more frequently than normal, back away from the computer and move about (something I have to learn to do as well!).
  2. Recognize that the vast majority of healthy people, below 65 years of age, are likely to have only mild COVID-19 symptoms. Those whose health is already compromised, and those who are elderly and receiving care are the most susceptible to severe illness. These individuals should take ALL proscribed cautions offered by the CDC.Make every effort to de-stress! Sports, play, Nature walks, meditation exercises, be in Love, read a book, watch a movie. Basically, RELAX, for this will significantly enhance the function of your immune system and reduce the severity of any COVID-19 symptom.
  3. You can help in “flattening the curve” to prevent overwhelming the medical system by taking care of yourself and supporting those in need in your community.  Following the present governmental guidelines to stay home and physically distance from others will also help to not overwhelm the medical system. These are health-enhancing practices that will empower your immune system while helping others overcome their fears and infection.

As with my previous message on the COVID-19 epidemic, there will be those that will thank me for these calming insights and there will be others who will chastise me for not taking this epidemic more seriously. For the latter group, I do take your perspective very seriously. If you consciously feel that I have underestimated the severity of coronavirus 2019, I want to honor your concern and suggest that, by ALL MEANS, engage in every protection practice suggested by the CDC and any other sources whose advice you ascribe to. Through the nocebo effect alone, fearful thoughts will inhibit the immune system and open you to infection.

However, a calm state of mind and healthy lifestyle are the best prescription in weathering this seasonal storm!

Side Bar: Some recipients of my former coronavirus report claimed that my efforts to calm people down over the virus scare was a pro-Trump tactic. Let me assure you, I am a scientist and in no way could I support an anti-science, anti-environmentalist politician such as Donald Trump … it would be against everything I stand for and hold true. I apologize to those in my community who are Trump supporters and hope that you will understand how my convictions to support Mother Earth force me to seek alternative political solutions to deal with the planet’s 6th Mass Extinction Event.

With Love and Light, Bruce


Tina Spalding Channel from Jesus

Deeper Remedies for the OTHERS

Corona Remedies from Dylan Louis Monroe


Dr. Conspiracy Activated!  Hope everyone is surviving the plague, which may or may not be as serious as the media is portraying it, and may or may not be MORE serious than Trump and the international organizations are letting out about the true numbers.  If i've learned one thing about conspiracies and bioweapons, it is to NOT assume a Viral Epidemic is fake-news!  Better to err on the side of caution!
With that in mind.  I've revisited the "cold / flu / respiratory infection" remedies i compiled for the Healing Web.  There are so many options out there to treat this kind of sickness holistically that it can be overwhelming!

First of all,  IT ALL STARTS WITH DIET.  Yup, your diet can play a big role in if you even get sick in the first place or not.  There have been times when i felt a cold coming on, and switch my diet to almost all vegetables, and beat the cold before it even set in.  GREEN JUICE FOR THE WIN!  Make sure you are getting high quality foods.  NO ADDED SUGARS OR WHITE CARBS!  NO FANCY CAKES.  Until you start feeling something coming on, i recommend getting plenty of animal protein to keep your body strong, and if you  are vegan make sure you are getting another kind of protein. My favorite vegan protein was pea protein when i was vegan for 2 years.  

ONCE your diet is as good as it can be.  Start doing some PREVENTATIVE remedies.  Raw honey is a must, every day! One thing i'm already doing is colloidal silver.  I make it myself and it is much cheaper than buying it.  I might start selling my CS soon, but that was my plan before the pandemic!  That aside,  Daily hi-dose Vitamin C is never a bad idea during flu season.  If you buy a powdered form, a daily dose can be as high as 5000mg!  What i'm about to say goes against the opinion of the scientific community, but i believe that OZONE is a wonderful preventative measure as well.  Ozone pumped into the air in the low enough dosage to not irritate you can make the air in a space that may contain sickness feel fresh!  You can buy ozone machines small and large on Amazon.  It's the ultimate weapon, i'm not gonna lie! 

Thieves oil is a new remedy i'm using in public and on airplanes.  Supposedly thieves wore this during the plague to rob dead bodies!  a few drops on your wrists, neck, and soles of feet can give you protection, and if you have a facemask, put some drops there too!  if you can't get thieves oil, you can try using just eucalyptus, or any of the thieves oil components (eucalyptus, lemon, clove, rosemary, cinnamon)

WORST CASE scenario:  AFTER you start feeling icky, like a virus is coming on, go for the bigger guns.  Slam the full dose of echinacea, olive leaf, and pau de arco, and Garlic like your life depends on it.  Up the dose of colloidal silver.  Start taking flu bomb elixir, here is the recipe:

Flu Bomb Recipe:
1 Minced Clove of Garlic
1 Tsp Grated Ginger
1 Tsp Raw Honey
1/4 Tsp Powdered Cayenne Pepper
Juice of One Lemon
1/2 Cup Hot Water
STIR,  one in morning, one at night

I'm not going to go through the whole list of remedies from the Healing Web.  There are other remedies i've heard great things about, but what i've mentioned here are the main ones i usually try myself.  If you do them all at once, you might run the risk of getting sick from too many remedies! I'm not kidding!

IF it gets to the point of literally feeling like you can't breathe, or non-stop coughing, that is a sign of pneumonia, and you probably need to go see a doctor. the Latest on CV is the anti malaria meds are showing promising results.  

Attitude, and not panicking can play a big role in all this too.  Being in good spirits, and not being in stress, anger or fear, plays a HUGE part in your immune system.  The MEDIA IS MORE TOXIC THAN I HAVE EVER SEEN IT IN MY LIFE RIGHT NOW.  Seriously, even looking at Drudge right now is toxic waste.  We all want to know what is going on, but you have to almost out-of-body yourself to not let the negativity infest you.  Get the essential info on what is happening, and try not to dwell on it.  Leave that to me 😉.


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