Looking to improve your life? Health? Finances? Relationships?

It’s time to do something different and create improvement from the inside out. 

  • Love YourSELF
  • Transform and understand personal messages
  • Find Self-Care tools to transform any limiting beliefs
  • Be able to help others Balance 

Learn how to re-write subconscious beliefs by attending the PSYCH-K Basic workshop.

In this workshop, you will discover your body/mind's "inner wisdom" and its extraordinary ability to change limiting beliefs to reconnect with your authentic Self. 

This three-day workshop is highly experiential and interactive. The first Two days are Foundational and include reviewing concepts, demonstration of Balances, and facilitating and partnering to experience the process. 

Why Three Days?!
The Third day is an Expansion Day with additional discussions of applications and practice with instructor guidance and feedback to allow you to fully integrate the processes for your ongoing use.  This is an opportunity to Facilitate Balances with Partners and become proficient with self-muscle testing so you will Balance your life. 

Workshop includes:

  • Understanding what you want from an expanded perspective 
  • Explore that you are greater than you believe you are
  • Unique muscle testing and Self Muscle Testing
  • Permission based models of change, Safe and Appropriate
  • Right and Left Brain Integration
  • Conscious and Subconscious Alignment 
  • Partnership honoring your inner wisdom
  • Learn how to clarify and write your own personal beliefs to create your desired results

"The ‘secret to life’ is BELIEF. Rather than genes, it is our beliefs that control our lives. PSYCH-K® is a simple, self-empowering process to change your beliefs and perceptions that impact your life at a cellular level.”
—Bruce Lipton, Ph.D Cellular Biologist, author of Biology of Belief

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Sponsor a PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop

It can be very rewarding to Sponsor a PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop, both personally and financially.

Benefits and Compensation for Sponsoring a Workshop - The Basic workshop will give you a process that you can use for a lifetime in changing limiting beliefs in your subconscious. Belief change can bring prosperity, health, happiness, balance, relationship, ...anything you care to dream and create!

As a Sponsor you: 

1. Will receive a percentage of net revenues, providing we meet the minimum number of Participants for the workshop.

2. Can participate in the workshop at no charge providing we meet the minimum number of Participants for the workshop. 

3. Will understand and appreciate the processes from a different perspective and gather nuances that were missed the first time. Also, you will have the opportunity to partner and Balance beliefs for yourself.

4. will have the capability of working with people with subconscious belief change right after the workshop in your business which will provide another source of revenue/value you can provide to your clients.

5.  Will have an opportunity to provide value-add to your own clients and increase your own market presence. PSYCH-K® may open the door for other networking or business opportunities if PSYCH-K® fits within the vision of your business/life. 

6. Can develop or expand a like-minded community in your area. When several people in an area attend the workshop, then getting together for a Balancing Gathering or practice is very beneficial. 

If you want to move forward with sponsoring, then we need to determine a date that works for both of us and some other details at that point. I will provide you with a packet of information and some guidelines for marketing and workshop administration. We can talk by phone and determine if this is a Good fit for us.  

Contact Myra via email or we can also discuss over the phone if you would like 804-814-9655. a PSYCH-K Basic Workshop in Your Area - Do you have friends who are interested in learning more about Balancing their lives?  You can Sponsor or Host me for a PSYCH-K Basic Workshop in your area.  Contact me today to discuss the details.

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