About SUPPOSE . . .

SUPPOSE, LLC . . . was founded from a desire to heal by ‘listening’ to the subconscious information that is the root cause of illness, personal failure, and losses.  WE understand the cause of suffering from years of advanced nursing practice with those at the end of life. The Wisdom of healing is within YOU!  By returning energy flow using the art of Jin Shin Jyutsu®, listening to the messages from illness and ‘conditions’, we can assist you to Balance the cause of the condition using your own inate wisdom.  

Are you ready to take responsibility?


Working as a registered nurse since 1980 and Nurse Practitioner since 1997, Myra taught Registered Nurses at University of Alabama at Birmingham, and has worked in hospice since 1997 as Case Manager, Educator, Clinical Manager and Nurse Practitioner.  National speaker with PESI Healthcare, NHPCO, HPNA and American Holistic Nurses Association.  

Co-authored “The Heart of Hospice: Core Competencies for Reclaiming the Mystery”, a book for Hospice Professionals while following the path to Wellbeing. 


While working with the Dying, I asked “I Know there is More going ON.  I want to ’see’ the unseen”.

As many learn on the spiritual journey, “seeing” means many different things! The 3 Dimensional world only helps to communicate what we “know” and the wiser we become, the more we realize we do not know.  Welcome to my journey!!  I hope our paths cross.  

My life path as a Spiritual student/teacher in honoring Nature has merged with the certification to teach PSYCH-K® Basic Workshops.  Teaching and private sessions let me hold the sacred space (Isumataq) for others who are embracing their place in the world and allows them take responsibility for their perceived life.  We are being called to escort others in the traditional western medical world who are ready to walk the path from the ‘broken’ paradigm of medicine toward the “new” age of well being.    

I am humbled by the opportunity to be among the Wisdom Keepers and Mystery Watchers.  

Thanks to the 700-plus dying persons and their families who shared their intimate moments preparing and transitioning to another dimension.  

Also thanks to the many Master Teachers listed here and those who may have been omitted:

Cathie Stivers - Diane Cree Kane - Brenda Clarkson - Norma Gentile  -  Caroline Myss - Lynch Archuletta- Jacqui Brenner-Cross - Matthew Fox - - Sandra Ingerman & Leia Hart -  Lakota Nation at Pine Ridge Reservation - Cree Nation in Canada - Hopi in Arizona 

PSYCH-K® Instructor/Facilitator  

Myra has Facilitated PSYCH-K since April 2007, using the Basic and Advanced Balances mostly with her own limiting beliefs. She organzied a PSYCH-K Facilitator group in the Central Virginia Area in 2010 who meet every two weeks.  In March 2015, she completed the criteria to be Certified as a PSYCH-K Basic Instructor.  Through her work with the American Holistic Nurses Association, Registered Nurses can now receive continuing nursing education credits for successful completion of the PSYCH-K Basic Workshop and 20 CEs are approved by the NCBTMB for Massage Therapists.  

Myra L. Lovvorn, RN, FNP, AHN-BC - Practitioner/Teacher & Facilitator/Instructor of PSYCH-K® & Student of LIFE!

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